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      Dehairing Machines

      High-quality and efficient dehairing machines

      If you’re in the meat processing business, having a durable and high-quality dehairing machine offers the opportunity to add value to otherwise low value products. You can trust that FPE has the best food processing equipment for all your dehairing needs. From industry leaders Material Charles Mecal (MCM), we supply trusted and reliable dehairing machines to meat processing manufacturers across Australia and New Zealand. This meat processing equipment is ideal for dehairing beef feet, sheep heads and feet. Highly versatile dehairing equipment, these machines are known for producing a high quality product, safely and efficiently. 

      Dehairing machine options

      Constructed entirely from stainless steel for durability, this range of dehairing machines is suitable for a range of dehairing needs. Potential applications for use include, head dehairing, processing pig feet, muzzle treatment, and snout processing.

      These MCM dehairing machines include a thermostatic water mixing valve and thermometer, as well as an electrical control box that offers 24V control for the two-speed motor. Various options are available, including complete automation, a pneumatically operated exit door, and a loading skip for added flexibility.
      In addition to stocking some of the best dehairing machinery, we’re proud to offer  comprehensive assistance to our clients. This support includes maintenance, training on equipment operation and parts supply. For any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

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      How does a dehairing machine work?

      MCM’s dehairing equipment works with a combination of mechanical and water-based methods to efficiently remove hair. The process involves rotating the products while subjecting them to a stream of warm water. The mechanical action creates friction, which along with the water’s force, helps to remove the unwanted hair. 

      What chemicals are used in dehairing?

      These machines are designed to be used chemical free, however to facilitate the dehairing process, different chemicals such as lime, sodium sulphide, and enzymes can be used to help remove animal hair. These chemicals can reduce processing time and optimise the efficient removal of hair during the processing stages.

      Which animals are a dehairing machine suitable for?

      MCM’s general dehairing systems can be used for beef feet, beef heads, calf feet, calf heads, sheep feet, sheep heads, and piglets.