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      Cook and Chill Equipment

      When it comes to cooking food in an industrial or commercial setting, you want the most efficient cook and chill equipment out there.

      At FPE, we source the very best cook chill food production systems. DC Norris Cook and Chill Systems and Jet CookTM technology are an industry benchmark in cooked and cooled food of the highest quality. With these systems, food retains the taste, texture and aroma of freshly prepared ingredients with an extended shelf life of up to 45 days.

      The DC Norris system can cook, package and chill food products in both small and large volumes of ingredients with the minimum number of operators. They’re perfect for foodservice operators and producers, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, military, government and nursing homes.

      Our range of food processing chillers includes tumble chillers manufactured by DCN, which also form part of their Cook-Chill system. These machines rapidly chill the temperature of cooked food to below 4° Celsius in under an hour (for products with thin viscosity) or 90 minutes (for products with thick viscosity).

      We also stock DCN’s highly sophisticated pump fill stations, which are capable of batching product into cook chill bags ready for cooking or cooling. These state-of-the-art tools are fully mobile and equipped with a special food-grade pump designed to handle high and low viscosity products without damaging sensitive foods.

      If you’re looking for individual industrial cooking equipment, like cooking kettles and bratt pans, look no further than BCH Ltd. And be sure to check out DCN’s industrial sous vide machine for precision cooking. 

      It’s our job to make sure you have the right cook and chill equipment to do your job, so we bring together the expertise of top suppliers in cook chill operations from around the world. This makes us the perfect cook and chill equipment partner for processors in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you need to cook or chill food, we’re here to support you, our customers. Feel free to contact our food safety and processing experts with any questions.