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      Automatic Tempering Machines

      Microwave Technology: Automatic Tempering Machines

      If you need an automatic tempering machine, FPE has the best tempering equipment available on the market. Coming from AMTek Microwaves, these microwave tempering systems are designed for a wide range of applications, not just chocolate production.

      This food processing equipment allows you to seamlessly temper product while retaining product quality with every single batch. It eliminates the need for tempering rooms and several handling sequences per batch, which saves both time and money.

      These food tempering machines automate the tempering process, which removes a lot of the guesswork from production. The microwave heating and tempering machine gives you precision control over every step of the tempering process, and it helps maximise yields while minimising drip loss.

      These food processing machines help you get your product to the correct temperature for subsequent slicing, grinding, moulding or forming quickly and easily. The multiple chamber layout gives even greater control over your final results. This automatic tempering machine gives you the ability to temper products in mere minutes instead of days, which can give a huge boost to your production line.

      These innovative automatic tempering machines come in a stainless steel design that is easy to clean and maintain.

      At FPE, we are a leading supplier of AMTek’s automatic tempering machines in Australia and New Zealand. We believe in offering a suite of services to our clients to help streamline their operations. Our clients rely on us to have a range of equipment available, including industrial blenders and food extrusion machines. Not only that but we offer our clients ongoing support in the form of equipment training, parts supply and maintenance assistance. This is what sets FPE apart.