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      The separation of soft and solid parts is becoming increasingly popular in the food industry. Sepamatic manufactures straightforward, high quality, stainless-steel processing equipment to do exactly that. At FPE, we’re a leading supplier of this food processing equipment manufacturer’s high-quality machines in Australia and New Zealand.

      Sepamatic equipment combines a simple control system with a squeezing belt that seamlessly separates solid parts from softer parts of your raw material. The softer portions go through the perforated stainless steel drum while the solid parts stick to the surface of the drum.

      The Sepamatic food processing machine speeds up your production times while reducing your staff costs, which is critical to a healthy bottom line. Use the Sepamatic meat separator for safe, efficient separation of soft and solid food parts to ensure you get a consistent product every time. These machines are especially well suited to the poultry industry and fish processing industry for quick and efficient hard and soft separation.

      The Sepamatic soft separating machine produces a final product that is perfect for mince. It’s specifically designed for careful separation of meat from bone, splinters, gristle, skin or sinews. But it works with many other food products besides meat. Use it for potatoes or avocados to get them ready to put into an industrial blender, or use it for fish. Whatever you choose, Sepamatic delivers with their equipment, and FPE is proud to stock this exclusive line.

      At FPE, you don’t just get equipment. We believe there’s more to being food and meat processing equipment suppliers than simply selling machines. This is why we pay special attention to customer support. Customers can take advantage of our maintenance, equipment training and parts supply. Going this extra mile is what makes FPE stand out from our competition.

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