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      Next Generation Machines for Food Grinding

      FPE has been supplying food processing equipment since 1983. In that time, technology, processes and consumer demand have changed, largely for the better. One such development is the next generation machines from frozen meat cutting equipment specialist Magurit that make industrial food cutting and grinding a breeze.

      The Recut 324 and 326 are frozen food cutting machines for applications that require a particle size so small it has been unachievable until now. Frozen raw materials, such as meat, poultry, fish or fruit and vegetables, can be cut at a high speed to a minimum particle size of 8mm or larger without destroying the natural cell structure of the raw material. This technology is ideal for applications like ground and minced meat, as well as formed meat and sausage products, jams, baby food,  all-meat and paté, pet-foods etc.

      Learn more in our blog: Magurit Recut 324/326: An Innovation in Meat Grinding

      Industrial Mincers With Automatic Soft & Hard Separation

      Over the last 40 years as the industry has evolved, one thing has remained the same: our commitment to partner with only the very best manufacturers. One of those partners is SEPAmatic, manufacturer of world-leading mincing and soft separating equipment.

      Capable of performing soft separation, desinewing and mincing for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables, these industrial mincers are ideal for:

      • minced red and white meat for different kinds of raw and cooked sausages (Salami or even Brats);
      • a clean base for patties and patés;
      • producing fruit pulps (e.g. Guacamole) and other minced products like garlic.

      Known by some as “knifeless grinders”, the equipment gently pushes the softer material into its perforated drum for mincing, while the more solid material is removed. 

      We are proud to supply a wide range of the best heavy-duty mincers and grinders to food processors in Australia and New Zealand. We also offer equipment training, maintenance and parts supply, so you can rest assured you’ll get the support you need, when you need it. That’s the FPE difference.

      Mincer & Grinder FAQs

      Is a meat mincer the same as a meat grinder?

      There is no clear distinction between the two. ‘Mincer’ is the more European pronunciation for meat piece size reduction via mechanical transmission through holes (either hole plates or drums). ‘Grinder’ was the term favoured in the US, which traditionally meant grinding through hole plates together with cutting knifes.

      The European version of mincing now includes all hole plate and knife units, as well as the drum mincers. These are usually the best possible combination with soft separation and elimination of harder meat elements, like sinews and cartilages, while downsizing meat pieces to a finer and even textured mince.

      How does an industrial meat grinder work?

      Most industrial meat grinders work by cutting the product into smaller sizes using different sized blades. It is a combination of squeezing and cutting with the traditional straight forward hole plate and knife machine. Usually one transportation screw is feeding the product into a compression screw channel. The product gets compressed and pushed through the various hole plates and knife combinations for downsizing. In many countries, this is known as ‘grinding’ and produces classic ground meat.

      The soft separation mincers push the product via a soft belt into the mincing drum. It only uses the one drum as its downsizing element. In very many countries that system is called a ‘mincer’ besides being a soft separator. The SEPAmatic soft separation mincer is unique in that it’s the only downsizing system for ground and minced meat that allows for non cryogen cooling in its process.