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      Discover FPE’s variety of in-stock items from some of the top industry-leading brands. The food processing equipment, supplies, accessories listed here are in stock in our warehouse and ready to ship so you can upgrade your food processing operation without delay. To purchase any of the below in-stock items, contact FPE at AUS 1800 882 549 or NZ 0800 100 003.

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      In Stock Items

      Graselli ST 200 Slicer

      $18,000 + GST

      Dimensions: L360 x W1038 x H494mm

      Weight: 80kg

      Max cutting width: 200mm

      This compact meat slicer and meat tenderiser from Graselli combines the functions of a meat slicer, cuber and tenderiser in one machine. Suitable for restaurants, catering companies and butchers, this machine is easy to sanitise and fits into a smaller space. 

      The Graselli ST 200 is intuitive to use and allows you to cut and tenderise meat without the need to cool or prepare the product in advance. This compact and robust machine can be converted from a machine for the production of strips and small cubes of meat and fresh products to a meat tenderiser, without the need for tools. 

      The machine is fully accessible for cleaning and replacement of the cutting set, streamlining maintenance to ensure the continuity of processing. With an optional stainless steel base, the ST 200 can be transformed into an independent and easy-to-move unit.

      With a minimum cutting thickness of 5mm, maximum product thickness of 30mm and a useable working width of 200mm and a height of 40mm, this minimum-size slicer and tenderiser is the perfect upgrade for industry, restaurants, catering companies and butchers.

      Enquire and purchase your Graselli ST 200 compact slicer from FPE. Talk to our friendly staff when you call AU 1800 882 549 or NZ 0800 100 003.

      SYSPAL Light Duty Eco Dollies

      SYSPAL Light Duty Eco Dollies In Stock

      $150 + GST + Freight (only 3 in stock, be quick!)

      L610 x W410 x H171mm for 600x400mm tray model

      These light-duty eco dollies have a capacity of up to 200kg. The dollies come with standard zinc-plated castors which can be upgraded to optional stainless steel castors on request. 

      This light-duty dolly is available to meet the needs of your food processing workflow. These SYSPAL light-duty eco dollies are in stock now and ready to ship, so get your order in quickly to upgrade your workflow without delay! 

      Learn more and purchase SYSPAL Light Duty Eco Dollies by contacting FPE at AU 1800 882 549 or NZ 0800 100 003.

      SYSPAL 250kg Manual Eurobin Weigh Scales

      SYSPAL 250kg Eurobin Weigh Scales

      $12,260.00 + GST

      Length 1150 x Width 1180 x Height 800

      Eliminate the need for floor scales and ramps and improve both hygiene and safety during food processing. This SYSPAL Eurobin weigh scale is made from grade 304 stainless steel with a bead blast finish. Its robust design minimises the weigh scale footprint for efficient use of space. Designed to be crevice-free and hygienic, the Eurobin weigh scale supports quick and easy clean-down, making it easier to meet food safety standards. 

      Supporting 200 L Eurobins, the weigh scale has a capacity of 250kg. With adjustable feet for quick installation and easy relocation, this free-standing unit works flexibly within your workflow. Weight functions include gross, net and tare with a Mettler digital indicator clearly displaying the weight. Simply plug the scale into a 240-volt single-phase electrical outlet to start weighing. 

      These Eurobin weigh scales are in stock and ready to ship, so get your order in quickly to upgrade your workflow without delay! 
      Learn more and purchase the SYSPAL 250kg Manual Eurobin Weigh Scales by contacting FPE at AU 1800 882 549 or NZ 0800 100 003.

      SYSPAL paper towel dispenser

      $69.00 + GST

      Length 278 x Width 122 x Height 318mm

      Experience the superior performance of the SYSPAL paper towel dispenser, tailored to meet the fast-paced demands of the food processing industry. Holding an impressive capacity of up to 750 flat towels, this dispenser ensures a constant supply for busy food production areas. Crafted with top-quality materials, it adheres to hygiene standards and is easy to clean, guaranteeing a sanitary environment. 

      Its user-friendly design enables quick and efficient hand drying for staff, enhancing overall hygiene and efficiency. Elevate your food processing workplace with this reliable and spacious paper towel dispenser, a must-have for promoting cleanliness and seamless operations.

      If you’re interested in purchasing the SYSPAL paper towel dispenser contact FPE at AUS 1800 882 549 or NZ 0800 100 003

      Bettcher Ergo Steel Edge Maintenance Tool

      $670.90 + GST

      The Bettcher Ergo Steel Edge Maintenance Tool is a steel blade sharpener that sharpens edges in seconds. Made from stainless steel construction and complete with a smooth finish, the Bettcher Ergo Steel uses advanced technology that resists any build-up or adhesions to itself. This means it makes for a clean and easy sharpening experience. 

      The Bettcher Ergo Steel fits comfortably into your hands for simple but safe operation. It can also be used while mounted on a bench, making sharpening your blades even simpler. 

      With two specially engineered rods and a spring mechanism, the Bettcher Ergo Steel puts the optimal amount of pressure and tension needed to create a sharpened blade.