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      Materiel Charles Mecal (MCM)

      At FPE, we’ve searched far and wide to bring the very best food processing equipment to our clients in Australia and New Zealand. This is why we’re proud to supply machinery from food processing equipment manufacturer Materiel Charles Mecal (MCM).

      Materiel Charles Mecal has stainless steel slaughterhouse equipment that is both durable and easy to use. Their paunch defatting machine allows you to quickly and easily get rid of any unnecessary fat or sinew to reveal the clean paunch below. These machines are remarkably quick, and provide you with only the smallest amount of weight loss. Slaughterhouses need to retain as much weight as possible and avoid unnecessary wastage, and Materiel Charles Mecal’s equipment can help.

      We understand how important it is to keep your operation running smoothly while getting clean and tidy paunches and manifolds for processing. This is why we only work with the world’s top manufacturers. With FPE, you can trust that the machinery is the best available on the market.

      Equipment from Materiel Charles Mecal can speed up your processes without sacrificing quality. You’ll get a rapid processing time that increases your overall production. No matter whether you process beef, pigs, sheep or all three, you’ll find the best slaughterhouse machinery in FPE’s range.

      We are a leading supplier of Materiel Charles Mecal’s meat processing equipment in Australia and New Zealand, so major operations and food businesses turn to us. We provide comprehensive support, maintenance, equipment training and parts supply to our customers. Always striving to provide impeccable customer service, this is what sets us apart.