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      Rotary Turntables

      Top Quality Rotary Turntables

      We’ve searched far and wide to bring the best food processing equipment to major food businesses in Australia and New Zealand. This includes our line of rotary turntables, which are manufactured by SYSPAL.

      SYSPAL‘s industrial lazy susan is ideal for meat and food processors who need to optimise their production line. This food processing machine comes with fixed and variable speed controls, which means you’ll get a stainless steel lazy susan with precise positioning power for your products. We understand that food manufacturers need consistency and efficiency. These rotary turntables excel at both. With 3 or 4 leg models available, adjustable table height and optional diverter arms to facilitate feeding, we can supply a rotary turntable solution to suit you.

      SYSPAL’s high quality rotary turntables can be customised to affix to an existing conveyor system, with fixed or rotating guide rails, diverter arms and rail cut outs. Hook it into any conveyor belt you choose, including your sanitising conveyor. It seamlessly transfers to and from adjacent equipment to streamline your processing and packing operations without adding additional staff.

      With different sizes and options available, you can customise your rotary turntable to your specific operation. Set them up to label your packing bottles on one turntable, then on the next turntable, they can be capped or prepared for the next packing stage. You’ll get consistent and streamlined operations with every pass through.

      At FPE, we’ve built a reputation for being leading food and meat processing equipment suppliers in the region. Why? It’s simple. We believe in being more than just a supplier. It’s our belief that everyone deserves to trust the food they eat, and the equipment that it is produced with! This is why we provide comprehensive customer support, equipment training, parts supply and maintenance. It’s what sets FPE apart.