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    X-Ray Food Inspection Systems

    State-of-the-art X-Ray Food Inspection Systems

    If you’re looking for world class X-Ray food inspection systems, you can’t go past Eagle PI X-Ray inspection machines.

    No matter whether you need to inspect packaged, unpackaged or bulk food products, we stock a wide selection of Eagle X-Ray inspection systems, many of which feature Eagle’s leading edge, dual-energy X-Ray technology (MDX). This is an impressive feature that can detect contaminants across a variety of different product applications, and allows manufacturers to detect historically undetectable inorganic foreign objects such as rubber. It’s a very exciting innovation in foreign body detection equipment.

    Eagle’s X-rray food inspection systems are specifically designed to give food manufacturers assurance when it comes to hazard analysis and HACCP compliance. These state-of-the-art food inspection machines are capable of accurately detecting a host of physical contaminants, including:

    • glass detection
    • metal detection
    • mineral stone detection
    • high density plastic detection
    • calcified bone detection

    Eagle’s food inspection systems are an efficient and cost-effective way for you to detect physical contaminants and ensure product safety. They are also the ideal way for you to perform quality control, as they can simultaneously conduct a whole range of production line quality checks, including:

    • fill level inspection
    • mass measurement
    • seal inspection
    • component count
    • fat analysis

    We offer customised food X-Ray inspection solutions to a range of businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Depending on your specific food or meat analysis requirements, Eagle’s X-Ray food inspection systems are sure to provide the quality assurance solutions your business requires.

    Eagle offers the ultimate X-Ray machines for the food industry. They provide robust and reliable food inspection services, and are available in a range of makes, models, and sizes.