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      Pet Food Industry

      pet food industry in Australia & New Zealand

      The pet food industry in both Australia and New Zealand is robust, with a high demand for quality pet products and a strong emphasis on pet welfare. There are well-developed regulatory systems in place to ensure its safety and quality.

      At FPE, we’re here to supply you with the food processing equipment you need to optimise your pet food business and meet increased customer demand. Read on to see how we can help. 


      NZ & Australian pet food industry statistics

      • Aussies love our pets: Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world, with over 60% of Australian homes keeping a pet.
      • So pet food is big business: In 2021 alone, the pet food market in Australia was worth over AUS$3.9 billion!
      • And it’s growing: The market is expected to grow by 2.7% per annum until 2026.


      • It’s growing even more in NZ: The market is expected to grow annually by 6.44%.
      • Kiwis can’t get enough of cats: Over 44% of households own at least one cat, making it the highest cat ownership rate in the world. 
      • So the cat food market is healthy: The cat food market has a total volume of 30,836 tonnes at a value of $272.3 million.


      The pet food industry in Australia and New Zealand has experienced steady growth over the years. Pet ownership is widespread, and as a result, the demand for food, treats and accessories remains high. A few trends are worth highlighting.

      Choice and wide variety

      The industry offers a wide range of pet food products catering to different pet types, including dogs, cats, birds and small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. The product offerings include: 

      • Dry kibble, which has the biggest market share in Australia
      • Wet canned food
      • Freeze-dried and dehydrated food
      • Raw and natural diets
      • Specialized dietary options for specific health needs

      Premium, natural and raw food

      There is a growing trend towards premium and natural pet food products in both Australia and New Zealand. Pet owners are increasingly conscious about the ingredients used in their pets’ food and are willing to invest in high-quality options. This has led to the emergence of niche brands focusing on natural, organic, grain-free and hypoallergenic pet food.

      According to, premium raw and fresh pet food accounts for 1–3% of the market in Australia and it’s expected to rise to 10%.

      Ethical and sustainable products

      There is an increasing focus on sustainability and ethical considerations within the pet food industry. Pet owners are showing interest in eco-friendly packaging, ethically sourced ingredients and companies that prioritise animal welfare and social responsibility. 

      Pet food regulations Australia & New Zealand

      In Australia, the industry is regulated by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) and the state and territory departments responsible for agriculture. 

      In New Zealand, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) oversees the regulations for pet food. These regulations cover labeling requirements, ingredient standards, and hygiene practices to protect pets’ health.

      Equipment for pet food manufacturers

      FPE supplies best-in-class solutions for pet food producers across Australia and New Zealand – from industrial blenders for mixing together ingredients, to industrial meat slicers and so much more.

      Tempering/thawing AMTek Microwave Thawing frozen product ready for further processing or cooking
      Hard and soft separation Sepamatic Separating flesh from bone and gristle for mincing 
      Slicing  MaguritGrasselli Slicing or dicing frozen and thawed meat
      Blending & grinding Mepaco Blending and grinding for delicate and coarse food products
      Packaging DC Norris Large-scale packaging of wet food. Learn more: Streamline Your Wet Pet Food Manufacturing Process With DCN 
      Chub packaging RA Jones Packing sausage shaped “chub” pet food products
      Cooking & cooling BCH Ltd and DC Norris Large-scale and rapid sealing or searing of vegetablesPressure cookingSeamless vacuum cooling of large batches of cooked food Fat reduction in product being cooked by using MADS on the DCN kettleBatching of food products into pouches 
      HACCP compliance and food quality assurance Eagle PI Chemical lean calculation in meatContaminant detection in unprocessed and finished product
      Production hygiene Elpress Hand and boot sanitisation for workersPallet and crate washing
      Material handling SYSPAL Sanitising conveyors to sanitise packaged product between processing areasOperator-safe machines, including drum tippers, bin lifters, weighers and bin washing equipment

      So if you’re a pet food company in Australia or New Zealand, trust FPE. For all your pet food production solutions, contact us today on 1800 882 549 (AU) and 0800 100 003 (NZ).