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      Industrial Washing Systems

      High Quality Industrial Washing Systems

      As a leader in Australia and New Zealand for food processing cleaning equipment, we offer a wide variety of high quality stainless steel cleaning equipment and industrial washing systems.

      We source top-of-the-line stainless steel industrial washing machines that are guaranteed and capable of cleaning load carriers, crates, pallets and boxes within the food manufacturing industry. Elpress has designed these systems with a modular structure so that they are capable of washing a wide range of different load carriers.

      We take industrial hygiene seriously. We’ve thought of every aspect of the cleaning process in the food processing industry, including types of contamination and areas of application. We’re also proud to supply industrial washing systems that are designed with the user in mind. Elpress systems make the process of using a commercial utensil washer or a pallet washer simple, quick and effective.

      Additionally, these systems are thrifty with water without ever compromising on hygiene integrity. It is with these smart elements that water consumption levels are lower even further than most industrial cleaning equipment. It is also with this smart technology that their industrial washing systems are capable of eradicating many more different levels of contamination. Their cleaning philosophy, which we support, combines temperature, time, chemical and mechanical force, resulting in the best possible clean you can get.

      These industrial washing systems cater to a variety of areas and industries, including the meat and fish industry, baked goods, potatoes, vegetables and fruit industries, the dairy industry, and the confectionery industry. If you’re in the market for a new crate washer, box or bin washing equipment, look no further than FPE. When it comes to food processing equipment, we strive to be a top choice for quality and efficiency. Contact us today for more information.