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      Industrial Cooking Kettles

      FPE has a range of quality cooking kettles from BCH and DCN.

      These cooking kettles are part of our extensive industrial cooking equipment line. We supply industrial cooking kettles from the highest quality manufacturers in the world. Versatile and durable, these kettles are ideal for both vegetable and meat cooking processes. These kettles meet strict CE regulations, have emergency stop buttons, plus interlocked lids with safety spring and viewing lid to keep everyone safe and sound during operation.

      Our range of cooking kettles allows you to boil, simmer and cook with ease. DC Norris‘s line allows you to get controlled cooking and rapid chilling all in one setup. We understand how important hygiene and safety are when you deal with the cooking process, so our cook and chill equipment gives you precision temperature control. A stainless steel variable speed agitator comes with food-grade scrapers and a hygienic design.

      If you need a steam jacketed kettle, look no further than DCN. It’s the ideal equipment for producing perfect soups, casseroles, sauces and preserves each time you use them. This commercial kettle cooker also features an inclined scraping type agitator and patented scoop scraper shovels, which work to ensure everything gets perfectly incorporated. Or choose BCH Ltd for their Orbiter range of kettles. We also have a fantastic selection of bratt pans available, plus the very best food processing chillers from around the world – so you can get everything you need from FPE.

      We are an industry-leading supplier of cooking kettles at FPE, and a natural choice for major food businesses. We believe in being so much more than a supplier of equipment. We dedicate ourselves to providing excellent customer support. That’s why all our customers get equipment training, parts supply and maintenance as standard. Contact us for more information.