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      World-class Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers

      We’ve spent time selecting the most reputable food processing equipment manufacturers to work with at FPE. This enables us to bring our customers in the food and beverage industry the very best equipment. With names like Eagle, SYSPAL and Elpress, our customers know they’re getting a high quality and wide range of products.

      As meat processing equipment suppliers, we take the time to form solid relationships with leading machine designers and manufacturers, like Bettcher Industries and Magurit. This allows us to stock a broad range of equipment that our food manufacturing industry customers can use to streamline their production processes. It’s our aim to support our customers in putting out the highest quality food products possible. Consistency is key, so we stock everything you need from the best food processing equipment manufacturers around.

      We supply a broad range of equipment from leading food processing equipment manufacturers around the globe, starting with stunning and butchery tools from the likes of Accles and Shelvoke and EFA Germany. We stock hard and soft separating equipment by Sepamatic and paunch cleaners by Materiel Charles Mecal. In fact, our range extends all the way through to patty stackers from Challenge RMF and the latest innovative tempering machines by AMTek Microwave.

      As the food processing industry continues to evolve, food processors will need more and more high-tech equipment to keep pace with the changing demands. This is precisely what our lineup of products from well-known food processing machine manufacturers delivers. Every product features stainless steel design with user-friendly but advanced controls. Check out our Eagle PI range of product quality assurance machines, for instance, for the latest in HACCP technology.

      From industrial blenders to processing, portioning and packaging equipment by BCH Ltd, Grasselli and RA Jones, we have it all at FPE. These are the ideal machines to turn out perfectly portioned meat, fine deli salads, marinated meats and everything in between. With precision control and state-of-the-art technology, FPE delivers the most innovative equipment on the market from the best food processing equipment manufacturers, to streamline your processes and boost productivity.

      We believe in going the extra mile for our clients. Our customers get parts supply, equipment training and routine maintenance help, plus a 24-hour helpline for X-Ray equipment. This makes FPE stand out, and our reputation speaks for itself.