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      Industrial Boot Dryers

      Need an industrial boot dryer?

      FPE has searched around the world to bring you the best industrial boot dryers and boot cleaning stations possible.

      Elpress’s boot shoe dryer is ideal for processing or cleaning companies that work around wet areas or with water. You’ll get dry boots, shoes and gloves with this industrial boot dryer, and it comes with a sleek and modern design. Available in both wall and floor mounted models, these stainless steel portable industrial dryers are a fast and efficient way to keep your work footwear dry. Paired with an Elpress automatic shoe sole cleaner, your boots will be spotless at all times.

      These industrial boot dryers have an optimally heated air stream that reaches every corner of the interior of your boots, gloves and shoes to ensure they get completely dry between uses. You can get an optional ozone treatment to kill bacteria that can cause odours or infections. Plus, with several sizes available, you’ll get air to dry boots in no time without breaking your budget.

      These stainless steel racks are hygienic and built to last. You’ll be drying boots for years to come with these industrial boot dryers from Elpress. It fits with both large and small operations. Plus, it’s a simple setup process and ideal for industrial-quality boots and shoes.

      We’re a proud supplier of Elpress’s industrial food processing cleaning equipment in Australia and New Zealand, and we’re a natural choice for many food processors. We excel at exceeding our customers’ expectations because we offer comprehensive support. You’ll get parts supply, maintenance and training as standard. This is what sets FPE apart. Don’t forget to check out our hand hygiene systems while you’re here – and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.