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      Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaners

      Elpress Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaners

      Your boot cleaning systems wouldn’t be the same without an automatic shoe sole cleaner. At FPE, we’re proud to bring you one of the most exclusive product lines of industrial cleaning equipment from Elpress.

      These state-of-the-art shoe sole cleaning machines come with brushes that automatically activate via sensors; they are also automatically humidified. The stainless steel design fits into any cleaning room, and adds durability to this machine – ensuring it endures clean after clean.

      You’ll get a clean shoe every time with the Elpress industrial boot cleaning station, featuring automatic shoe sole cleaner. It comes with an in-built splash guard that prevents water from escaping while it’s running. The hygienic construction of the boot sole cleaner makes it ideal for industrial use in small and large operations.

      These automatic shoe sole cleaners also have in-built boot dryers. The sole is cleaned and finished with an air shower, so you get a clean and dry shoe every time – enabling you to safely walk across different surfaces afterwards. You can get a left or right version, and there is an optional double rail support system.

      Additionally, the brushes can be removed without the need for tools, so cleaning and maintenance of the automatic shoe sole cleaner is simple. Please note: the automatic shoe sole cleaner can also form part of the Elpress hygienic entrance system for total food safety and peace of mind.

      At FPE, we’ve built a reputation for being an industry leader when it comes to supplying Elpress’s line of sole cleaning machines, and we’re the go-to choice for many businesses. All our customers get access to training, parts supply and routine maintenance to keep their production line in top order. Check out our line of hand hygiene systems while you’re here. You can rely on FPE for all your industrial hygiene needs. Contact us today for details of our comprehensive customer support.