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      Ferraroni AFP

      Ferraroni AFP designs and manufactures custom meat processing equipment for small and medium-sized food companies. Elevators and tippers for all product types are custom-designed to fit your food processing operation. Ferraroni AFP manufactures slaughterhouse equipment, machines for sausage and salami factories, dry salting machines for air-cured meats and many more meat processing products.

      Over 50 years of experience designing meat processing systems

      With over 50 years of experience, Ferraroni AFP is known internationally for their professionalism and skill in supplying complex sectors with meat processing solutions. Using the latest design software, their machines are custom-made for each implementation, from conveyor belts and screw feeders to tumblers for cooked meats, skinning units and by-product processing centrifuges. 

      Tailored meat processing solutions for small to medium food companies

      Ferraroni AFP designs custom meat processing solutions from small-scale pig and cattle slaughter to hydraulic elevators and tippers, conveyor belts, tumblers and sausage and salami processing equipment. With extensive experience, Ferraroni AFP provides innovative solutions for small to medium meat processing operations, tailored to unique customer requirements. 

      Ferraroni AFP Machines are built mechanically by CNC boring machines, guaranteeing high precision construction design that makes cleaning operations effective for better hygiene. 

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