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      Food & Meat Soft Separator Equipment

      Best In Class Food & Meat Soft Separators

      It’s our goal to bring the best food and meat separator machinery to the food industries in Australia and New Zealand. So, we’re proud to offer multiple options from Sepamatic as part of our range of food processing machines.

      Sepamatic’s food processing equipment is ideal to desinew and mince all kind of meats. Their high-quality food and meat belt separators are capable of performing soft separation desinewing and mincing for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. We understand how critical it is to have soft separating equipment that works quickly and consistently for modern vegetable, chicken and meat processors. This is why we stock the best and newest meat processing technology available. These machines are especially well suited to the poultry industry and fish processing industry for quick and efficient hard and soft separation.

      The stainless steel design of these food and meat soft separators means you get optimal hygiene and excellent safety. You can also easily clean them, which ensures there’s minimal risk of cross-contamination when working with raw products.

      This equipment will seamlessly divide the meat from any tendons or foreign particles to ensure you get premium quality minced meat that is ready to package and ship out the door. You’ll end up with perfectly processed meat in a fraction of the time and with lower employee costs.

      At FPE, we’ve built a reputation for being an industry-leading supplier of Sepamatic’s meat separator equipment and other food processing machinery from the best manufacturers across the globe. We strive to go above and beyond for our customers, which is why we offer equipment training, parts supply, maintenance, and customer support. We believe that everyone should be able to trust the food they eat (and the machinery used to produce it!). Contact us today to find out how we can support your processing business.