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      Box & Bin Washing Machines

      Best Bin Washing Machines Available

      Our range of bin washing machines and industrial washing systems at FPE comes from world-leading manufacturer, Elpress.

      This line of industrial cleaning equipment uses a high-pressure cleaner to give you immaculate boxes and bins every time. These systems are capable of cleaning a large volume of bins per hour, which makes them an excellent choice for the food industry.

      When you need to clean your food bins, these bin cleaning machines remove the strain from your staff. Compatible with a wide variety of containers and Euro bins, these bin washers make the cleaning process super easy. Sensors automatically detect the presence of bins, while a water level switch in the wash tank prevents the pumps from running dry. Designed for efficient water consumption, look no further than this line of box and bin washing machines. Our box and bin washing machines are available alongside crate washers and pallet washers.

      At FPE, we’re proud to stock commercial utensil washer systems as well. With several sizes and capacities available, they’ll give you a clean you can rely on. All of the bin washing machine equipment we stock comes in stainless steel, and this adds longevity to the machinery while making cleaning and maintenance a smooth process.

      We dedicate ourselves to being a leading supplier of Elpress products, like this high-pressure cleaning bin washing machine. Major food businesses rely on us to supply the equipment they need in Australia and New Zealand. We stand apart from our competition by offering our continued support. Customers can also get equipment training, parts supply and routine maintenance when they need it. This is the FPE difference.