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      Soap & Sanitiser Dispensers

      Wide Range of Chemical, Soap & Sanitiser Dispensers

      At FPE, we’ve built a solid reputation as a leading supplier of Elpress soap and sanitiser dispensers. Today, we’re the first choice for many large and small food businesses. We supply some of the best food processing cleaning equipment available in Australia and New Zealand, ranging from simple, wall-mounted hand soap dispensers to industrial hygiene entrances.

      In our range of hand hygiene systems, you will find chemical sanitiser and industrial hand soap dispensers. Every product is designed for optimum hand hygiene, with wall-mounted options for wash rooms, automatic dispensing systems for entrances and in-built soap dispensers for industrial wash basins.

      We understand how important good hygiene is when you work in the food processing industry. This is why we chose to supply an industrial dispenser brand that offers quality, durable and functional products.

      The hygienic turnstile entrance features an automatic shoe sole cleaner with a chemical dispenser so your staff cannot enter work areas until they’ve been sanitised. This is an ideal setup pre-entry onto the production line to prevent contamination. Or you might opt for a multiple stainless steel wash basin setup for your wash room. Whatever your choice, there’s an industrial dispenser to suit.

      Elpress knows that industrial soap dispensers aren’t just about hygiene. They’re about productivity on the factory floor – especially since the right dispensing equipment can speed up entrance and exit times, and personal hygiene processes.

      It’s essential that your industrial hand cleaner dispenser comes with the ability to hold larger volumes of chemicals. Not only that, but you want industrial dispensers with adjustable dosing and a chemical level indicator. This is what we offer at FPE. They reduce chemical and soap waste, protecting your bottom line. Plus, you can easily create a clean working environment for your staff.

      We dedicate ourselves to being much more than an ordinary equipment supplier. This is why we offer comprehensive support to our customers in the form of parts supply, maintenance, and equipment training. If this sounds good to you, contact us today to discover how we can help your business.