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      Hand Hygiene Systems

      State-of-the-art Hand Hygiene Systems

      At FPE, we are committed to the food industry by focusing on both innovative and practical solutions that improve our clients’ processing procedures. This includes one of the most important parts of the manufacturing process – your food processing cleaning equipment. An essential component of this is having good hand hygiene systems.

      Immaculate and efficient personal hygiene cannot be undervalued. At FPE, we promote good hand hygiene practices by supplying a variety of wash basins and industrial hand dryers. Our heavy duty hand cleaning equipment is capable of eliminating industrial soils, as well as removing grease, oil and bacteria, which is essential in the food processing industry. Our constant research and ability to stay on top of industry-leading trends, means you can guarantee getting the highest quality hand hygiene systems from us.

      Our industrial wash basins by Elpress provide a heavy duty hand washing environment with state-of-the-art technology and practical design. With a passion for hygiene, Elpress places a focus on four basic elements when creating each piece of equipment in their industrial hygiene line: time, temperatures, chemicals, and mechanical force.

      With a thorough understanding that compliance with hygiene is part of the manufacturing process, our range of hand hygiene systems allows for maximum infection prevention and high-quality, hygienically-designed cleaning systems. FPE’s industrial hand hygiene systems are manufactured with adjustable settings and sensor-operated automatic rinsing, and come with HACCP International certification and 4-year warranty.

      For all of your hand hygiene needs, browse our range of industrial cleaning equipment online. We’re not just a leading supplier of processing equipment but also personal hygiene and industrial washing systems too. We believe everyone should be able to trust the food they eat, and that includes the equipment that helps to keep the food processing environment a sanitary one.

      We also supply boot cleaning stations by Elpress, hygienic entrances and dispensers. Don’t forget, all our customers can enjoy total peace of mind due to our comprehensive support service. That’s part of the FPE difference.