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      Captive Bolt Stunners

      Humane & Efficient Captive Bolt Stunners

      If your work routinely involves stunning livestock and other animals, having a captive bolt stunner is essential; this item of food processing equipment can transform your setup.

      At FPE, we have a line of CASH stunning tools available from leading manufacturer, Frontmatec Accles & Shelvoke. Whether you’re looking for pig stunning equipment, fish stunners or chicken stunners, you’ll find a suitable tool in our supply.

      Accles and Shelvoke‘s CASH range is ideal for use on livestock because it results in complete collapse and lack of rhythmic breathing. The CASH Cowpuncher is specifically designed for cattle and other large animals, featuring an extremely robust cylindrical design. At the other end of the captive bolt stunners range is the CASH Small Animal Tool, which can be used on poultry and other small animals. Rest assured there’s a CASH retracting bolt device for animals of all sizes, from small pigs to extremely heavy bulls.

      These high quality captive bolt guns are excellent for close quarter use, allowing you to complete your operations humanely.

      As meat processing equipment suppliers, we take great pride in working side-by-side with the world’s best captive bolt device manufacturers. Whether you want one or multiple devices, plus penetrating captive bolts, FPE can help.  

      We understand how important it is to perform captive bolt stunning of cattle right the first time. We’ll go the extra mile to help you streamline your operations from start to finish. For the effective captive bolt stunning of livestock, choose FPE today. We also have top quality automatic skinning machines available, so you can get everything you need under the one roof. 

      Along with captive bolt stunner tools, we also provide customer care services to our clients. You’ll get constant support from our team, which includes routine maintenance, equipment training for the captive bolt stunner and parts supply. Contact us today to find out how we can take your production line to the next level.

      Captive Bolt Stunner FAQs

      How does a captive bolt stunner work?

      With captive-bolt stunners, a retractable bolt is fired into the head of livestock in order to render them unconscious. These devices are powered by blank cartridges and ensure a safe, humane immobilization of livestock before slaughter. For more information on the captive bolt stunning of livestock 

      How effective is captive bolt stunning?

      Of all the methods used to stun livestock before slaughter, captive bolt stunning has been found to be the most effective because it leads to immediate unconsciousness. This makes the captive bolt stunner an effective tool in safely and humanely slaughtering livestock. 

      Do I need a licence for a captive bolt gun?

      At the time of writing, in New Zealand and in all states in Australia, you are lawfully able to own and use a captive bolt gun without a licence. However, the rules do change from time to time so we encourage you to contact your local police if you’re in any doubt.

      How to purchase a captive bolt stunner 

      If you are interested in purchasing a captive bolt stunner, please contact our friendly team. We’ll be able to ensure you purchase the right product for your needs. 

      Can I buy captive bolt ammunition? 

      Below are the range of CASH cartridges we have on offer. 

      CASH .22 cartridge range

      CASH Magnum Concussion cartridge range

      CASH Magnum XL cartridge range 

      If you do not see the cartridges you need, or have any other queries in regards to pricing or quantity, please contact us today and we will be glad to assist. 

      Do you offer replacement parts for the CASH Special? 

      At FPE we work hard to ensure that your equipment lasts as long as possible. This is why we offer spare parts supply. If you have questions about parts that aren’t listed on our spare parts page, contact us, and our friendly team will do what’s possible to source these for you. 

      Can a captive bolt pistol kill?

      Yes. If not used with care it can be a deadly weapon, this is why it’s imperative to follow all safety instructions when in use. 

      Is a .22 suitable for a cow?

      The CASH .22 Cartridge range is suitable for animals of all sizes. Depending on the size of the cow, you will want to use a cartridge from the green, red or black range. See the table below for details. 

      CASH .22 livestock guide

      Brown Poultry and small animals
      Pink Small animals
      Purple Small cattle, pigs, goats etc
      Green Medium cattle and heavy pigs
      Red Heavy animals including: bulls, cattle and sows 
      Black Extremely heavy cattle and bulls