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      Pallet Washers

      Exceptional Pallet Washers

      We know quality automatic systems at FPE, and we believe that our customers deserve the best industrial washing systems available on the market. Our pallet washers are no exception.

      Elpress’s pallet washing machines are known for their quality, and they’re capable of washing dozens of pallets every hour. We understand that time is money, and this is why we pick pallet and crate washers with a history of delivering exceptional results. You’ll get several exclusive features each time you buy a pallet washing system from us, including:

      • A water level switch that prevents your tanks from running dry.
      • A protective cap over any rotating parts to ensure that it runs like a well-oiled machine each time you flip it on.
      • A safety railing and an emergency stop function to ensure that all of your employees stay safe while it washes your pallets.

      These stainless steel automatic pallet washers are adjustable to your desired cleaning level, plus you get several customisable options for each load you send through. This cuts down on your overall energy usage and consumption, which saves you money every time you use your Elpress pallet washer.

      We are an industry-leading supplier of these pallet washers in Australia and New Zealand, and we’re the natural choice for both large and small businesses. Our customers know that FPE will go the extra mile for them. Not only do we supply the best food processing cleaning equipment we can find from across the globe, we also have technical support available. Customers can contact us in the event of a breakdown for equipment training, parts supply and maintenance.

      Looking for more ways to optimise and streamline your industrial cleaning processes? Make sure you check out our box and bin washers – they’re also top quality machines made by Elpress.