How Safe is Food X-Ray Inspection?

Food x-ray inspection systems are a valuable tool for food manufacturers as they help ensure product safety. They provide unrivalled accuracy when it comes to foreign body detection, while simultaneously being capable of measuring mass, inspecting seal integrity and counting components.

Despite the proven benefits of food x-ray technology some food processors still believe x-ray inspection exposes their staff to hazardous amounts of radiation and could potentially force consumers to switch to brands without x-ray technology. However, the x-ray dose used for inspection purposes is actually significantly lower than that used for food irradiation and does not affect the safety, quality or nutritional value of foods, according to the World Health Organisation.

X-ray inspection has been used in the food industry for more than 20 years, and under normal circumstances, the level of radiation that an operator in direct contact with an x-ray system will receive is less than that received in a year from natural background radiation; the radiation that we are exposed to as part of our daily lives.

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