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      Posted by Caitlin Whan on in Meat Processing
      benefits of food traceability and fat analysis for meat industry

      Benefits of Food Traceability & Fat Analysis for Meat Processors

      Within the meat industry, food safety, high product yields and efficiency are non-negotiables. But in order to achieve these, meat processors and manufacturers need the right equipment – and fat analysis and traceability systems are at the top of the list. Read on to learn how the right equipment can perform in-line checks to help you hit your safety and efficiency goals.


      Challenges faced by the meat industry

      Within the meat industry, food processors and manufacturers face a number of challenges, including:

      • Food safety and compliance: quality assurance and control is an absolute must in the meat industry. Physical and chemical contamination must be prevented at every stage of production, and processors need to comply with strict national and international regulations.
      • Transparency and traceability: customers, regulators and governments expect transparency when it comes to meat processing. They want to know where the meat comes from, that there’s a strong food safety culture and that the food is at the best possible quality.
      • Product loss and inefficiencies: product loss and wastage is a very harsh reality for meat processors, and it can have a huge impact on your bottom-line.

      Overcoming challenges with the right equipment

      With Eagle PI’s world-class and innovative technology, these challenges are a thing of the past. It’s because of this that every meat processor and manufacturer needs to have Eagle’s fat analysis and X-Ray food inspection systems in their arsenal.

      What is in-line fat analysis?

      Fat analysis involves determining the lean value of meat. While core sampling is a traditional way of performing fat analysis, it’s not only inefficient but it can lead to sample bias. That’s why FPE always recommends Eagle’s state-of-the-art fat analysis and chemical lean testing machines for the job.

      Benefits of in-line fat analysis with Eagle

      • Eagle’s fat analysis systems use DEXA (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry technology) to achieve chemical lean measurement to better than +/- 1CL. This can reduce lean giveaway and maximise product yields.
      • The machines can operate at industry throughputs in excess of 2,400 packages per hour and 100% of the throughput is tested.
      • In addition to fat analysis, you can simultaneously perform:
        • Moisture calculations of the meat
        • Contaminant detection
        • Protein calculations
        • Mass measurement
      • You save time, labour and money across your operations

      What is food traceability?

      Food traceability is the ability to follow a food product (and its ingredients) through all steps in the supply chain. For meat processors and manufacturers, having the ability to track your meat products through every stage of the process is crucial. For example, if you had a product recall or defect, traceability allows you to provide the right documentation to authorities and customers, as well as isolate the problem and prevent further contamination.

      Benefits of food traceability with Eagle

      With Eagle’s advanced TraceServer™ software and X-Ray inspection systems, traceability is simple and effortless.

      • In the event of a product recall, you can easily provide traceability documentation since TraceServer™ records the entire inspection process.
      • You can document when and where maintenance has taken place to ensure HACCP compliance and a full audit trail.
      • You can connect up to 32 machines to a single database, allowing the traceability system to grow as your business grows.

      At FPE, we play a critical role in supplying advanced equipment to Australian and New Zealand meat processors and manufacturers. Because of this, we’re proud to supply all of Eagle’s X-Ray technology for optimum food inspection. We also offer a 24 hour helpline for all our Eagle X-Ray customers to ensure you’re up and running as quickly as possible. Contact us today to find out more about fat analysis and food traceability with Eagle.

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