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      Poultry Processing Machinery

      When it comes to poultry processing machinery, we definitely have our favourites. As a world leader in safe meat slicing, dicing and skinning, Grasselli produces some of the best poultry processing equipment available. SEPAmatic is leading the way in hard and soft separation, which is ideal for mincing meat and vegetable products. And when it comes to enhancing safety and world-class quality control, you can’t go past Eagle PI’s X-Ray food inspections systems. Best of all, we supply both of their machines right here in Australia and New Zealand.

      Our favourite Grasselli poultry processing machinery is listed below. So if you’re in the poultry processing industry or produce poultry-based food products, find out what you need to know.

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      Cutting-edge poultry processing machinery available from FPE

      1. Grasselli NSA XC B 

      This vertical poultry slicer is as popular with hotel conglomerates as it is with our meal prep customers.

      Designed and built for two-dimensional slicing of raw and cooked boneless products, the NSA XC B has high productivity and a flawless cut.

      This machine is ideal for obtaining evenly cut or “hand-cut” effect strips or cubes. Capable of handling large quantities of meat, it’s perfect on big poultry processing lines and can be completely sanitised on the inside.

      Key points:

      • Use with the KSL horizontal slicer (see below), to achieve fully controlled 3D poultry cutting.
      • Position directly after the oven and before the freezer.
      • A touch screen assembled on a rotating arm allows for the machine to be controlled from either side.

      Grasselli NSA XC B technical specs

      Poultry processing machinery: Grasselli NSA XC B technical specs

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      2. Grasselli KSL CBU

      The KSL CBU holds a lot of potential for many poultry processing plants. A slicer for fresh, boneless turkey and chicken meat, it has a slice splitting conveyor belt, which makes it ideal for poultry.

      This industrial slicing machine is similar to the standard KSL machine, cutting meat horizontally (for example, chicken breasts). It then automatically divides the slices from the wastage and places them on two different outfeed conveyor belts.

      Key points:

      • Easily and quickly adjust the thickness of the bottom slice using a lever.
      • Possibility to separate the slices according to desired quantities.
      • Use with the NSA1000 for the production of high-quality strips with a high throughput.

      Grasselli KSL CBU technical specs

      Poultry processing machinery: Grasselli KSL CBU technical specs

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      3. Grasselli KSL DV

      A horizontal slicer for zero-waste chicken processing, the KSL DV automatically decides whether to slice the product, how many blades to use and the ideal slicing thickness.  

      The KSL DV is the latest and greatest in automation and flexibility for poultry processing. The machine slices product horizontally in thickness without waste, according to the recipe. 

      Key points:

      • Maximum automation and flexibility
      • Maximum yield of sliced product with no waste
      • No calibration required
      • No manual settings needed 
      • Excellent slicing quality 

      Grasselli KSL DV technical specs

      Poultry processing machinery: Grasselli KSL DV technical specs

      KSL DV is the newest technology available from Grasselli and it shows some excellent smarts that will appeal to many poultry processors.

      4. SEPAmatic industrial separation & mincer machines

      Capable of performing soft separation, desinewing and mincing for meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables, these machines are ideal for:

      • minced poultry meat for raw and cooked sausages;
      • a clean base for patties, nuggets and patés.

      Known by some as “knifeless grinders”, the equipment gently pushes the softer material into its perforated drum for mincing, while the more solid material is removed.

      5. Eagle poultry X-Ray inspection systems

      Identify hazards and contaminants and improve the overall safety of your production line with Eagle’s X-Ray inspection systems. Designed for all types of poultry, from chicken breasts and tenderloins, to turkey legs and thighs, Eagle’s X-Ray systems feature world-class technology. They can be installed at any critical control point in your poultry production line.

      Key points:

      • Detect small bone and metal contaminants
      • Inspect frozen and fresh unpackaged poultry products
      • Wide belt for multi-lane applications
      • Curtain-less design for improved product handling
      • Real-time analytics

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