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      Posted by Bronwyn Foster-Jones on in Food Processing Technology
      DCN can openers and crushers

      DCN Can Openers & Crushers – Top Features & Benefits

      The industrial can openers supplied by FPE feature the best selling design from manufacturer DC Norris. Their range of food processing equipment includes game changes for medium to large sized businesses with their semi-automatic can-openers and can crushers. The DCN can opener and crusher’s superior yet simple design is why DCN is a market leader in manufacturing industrial food processing equipment for the convenience food industry.


      DCN can opener & crusher

      At FPE we ensure that our equipment is there to fit all your industrial cooking equipment needs, from meat processing equipment to can openers and crushers. Meeting your automatic and semi-automatic needs, we have two of DCN’s most popular can opening machines available.

      Model 160 – semi-automatic

      The  Model  160  can opener  is  pneumatically  powered, fast  and  efficient,  with  a  capable  throughput  of  200-300 cans an hour. The fully enclosed blade removes the can lid without metal slivers in one clean cut, using the two-handed push button. With interchangeable heads and height blocks, the can-opener is adaptable for a wide range of can sizes and shapes.


      The  Model  160  Can  Opener  is  designed  to  remove  the  lids  of  industrial  and catering size cans. The machine utilizes an air driven cutting blade that is forced through the top of the tin, shearing the lid around the inner edge of the tin lip. The Model 160 can opener is designed to be operated by a single person who activates the opener by simultaneously depressing two push buttons. This ensures a safe, yet efficient machine, allowing your staff to work across a wider scope of your production whilst still maintaining safety standards.


      • Heavy-duty hygienic glass bead blasted stainless steel
      • Two handed push button operation via pneumatic logic to protect operator
      • Fully enclosed blade
      • Safety air cut off if head shroud removed 
      • No metal slivers
      • Interchangeable heads
      • Easy & fast height change without the need for tools
      • Height block included
      • Easy cleaning
      • Pneumatically powered
      • Manufactured in the UK

      Model 160 add ons  

      DCN has a large range of options available that can be added  to your Can-Opening Unit.  

      • Support Stand
      • Infeed Table
      • Can Rinse / Air Blast Water Removal Unit
      • Product Chute
      • Drop-In Mesh 
      • Can Crushing System
      • Magnetic Lid Removal System
      • Bespoke designs are also available to suit individual requirements, such as space constraints and customer preference for set up.

      Model 990 – Can Crusher 

      Designed for domestic and industrial use, the DCN Model 990 Can Crusher can crush most types of cans to about 20% of their original size.

      Easy to use

      To use, you simply open the lid, place the can inside, close the lid, and it will be crushed and thrown out of the exit chute; this takes a few seconds.

      Benefits of the 990 can crusher

      It has been reported in the UK that customers have achieved a payback in under 12 months by selling the heavy crushed cans as scrap instead of paying to dispose of the whole can. Crushing the can also allows bins to be filled with more weight and replaced less often with the cans taking less space in Bins.

      Can Crusher Features 

      • Manufactured in stainless steel and food approved plastics
      • Capable throughput of 200-300 cans an hour
      • Maximum can size 160 diameter x 260mm high
      • Compressed air required for operation
      • Air consumption is  240 litres per minute at 6 bar
      • Safety features are built into the machine rendering it inoperative should the lid be lifted
      • Available with a stand or the unit can sit on any strong table
      • Easy cleaning

      Model 176 – automatic

      Cans can be opened at an opening rate up to 800 per hour with the Model 175 Can Opener, an ideal choice for those customers who require a larger throughput.


      Cans are manually placed in the indexing can feeder and travel individually up to the opening head through a tunnel guard, which can be fitted with optional spray wash and air blast. 

      The lid is removed with a cutting head which removes the lid leaving no metal slivers. 

      Magnets in the cutting head will retain the lid, which is then removed by a height adjustable collection arm/gripper and deposited into the customer’s collection bin.


      • All stainless steel design
      • PLC controlled
      • Semi-automatic
      • Removes lid in one cut
      • Leaves no metal chips
      • Can reject system
      • Fully enclosed blade
      • In-feed conveyor
      • Twist box
      • Throughput of up to 800 cans per hour, dependent on can size/contents and options required
      • Manufactured in the UK

      Whether you’re looking to invest in the DCN can openers or crushers, or have your eye on any other food processing machines, FPE has you covered. When you order with FPE, you’ll receive comprehensive customer support, including spare parts supply, equipment training and maintenance. Contact FPE today to learn more about our wide range of processing plant equipment, perfect for your food company.

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