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      Posted by Jojo Furnival on in Cooking
      Creating incredible meals with DCN Cook-Chill products

      Spotlight On 3 Incredible Cook-Chill Products From DCN

      Food processors of all kinds have always had to grapple with the challenges of food safety and shelf-life. But it wasn’t until the ready-meal industry exploded onto the scene that the value of Cook-Chill technology was realised.

      Cook and chill equipment has revolutionised the way food is safely cooked, cooled and packaged. To learn about the Cook-Chill products that are leading the way globally, read on.


      Cook-Chill System Definition

      What is a Cook-Chill system? Basically, it’s a system of equipment that performs the Cook-Chill method. First, it safely pasteurises food products when heated to a high temperature, and then rapidly cools them, usually within 50-90mins to below 5oC.

      DC Norris are world leaders in Cook-Chill systems. In fact, their equipment has become an industry benchmark, with food companies around the world using their ground-breaking technology to create meals of the highest quality with extended shelf-lives.

      That’s why we supply them!

      So, how does the Cook-Chill system work? The key to producing foods with a safe, extended shelf-life is to rapidly chill the cooked product all the way through the ‘danger zone’ (5 – 63°C). The rapid cooling slows bacterial growth, which in turn slows spoilage.

      3 revolutionary Cook-Chill products from DCN

      DCN Sous Vide

      Sous vide cooking has gained huge popularity in restaurant kitchens across the world due to its ability to cook protein evenly while retaining moisture. The process involves slow-cooking food in airtight vacuum pouches, or Cook-Chill bags, submerged in a cook tank or water bath. Because the cook tank can be precisely controlled at a certain temperature, foods are cooked to perfection every time.

      It’s little wonder then that food processors are now turning to industrial sous vide machines, like the ones from DCN, to turn out perfectly cooked steak, tender chicken breasts and ribs without the guesswork.

      Find out more about the DCN sous vide machine here.

      DCN Tumble Chiller

      One of the food industry’s greatest conundrums has been how to cool food quickly so that minimal time is spent in the ‘danger zone’. The DCN Tumble Chiller is a fantastic Cook-Chill product that solves this problem and ensures higher food quality, better texture and superior taste.

      Large batches of food can be rapidly chilled in their flexible plastic casings to below 4°C (40°F). This extends refrigerated shelf-life for up to 45 days.

      After cooking, the bagged product is immersed in chilled water. The drum then rotates, gently tumbling the bags and massaging the product to ensure even cooling and minimal product damage.

      Find out more about the DCN Tumble Chiller here.

      Model 400 Heat Seal Pump Fill Station

      The Model 400 Heat Seal Pump Fill Station is the latest addition to DCN’s filling range.  

      This new and improved pump fill station fills and seals up to 5 bags per minute, while the Heat Seal technology makes for a neat and clean seal without the need for clips. This in itself reduces issues during metal detector testing. 

      The process requires minimal operator handling and there’s even an automatic loading system that can be adapted to load directly into a Tumble Chiller chute without the need for a conveyor.

      If you’re not using the DCN Cook-Chill method yet, get ready to experience better taste, texture, efficiency, safety and shelf-life for your finished product. Contact FPE today for further information and advice.

      Whether it’s industrial cooking, cleaning or food processing equipment that you’re after, FPE has you covered. When you order with FPE, you receive comprehensive customer support, including spare parts supply, equipment training and maintenance.

      Contact FPE today to learn more about our Cook-Chill products and solutions for your food company. Like what you read? You can also check out the rest of our Resources section for articles on food processing industry trends, our favourite roast pork with crackling recipe and the best Australia Day pavlova recipe.

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