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      Posted by Marie Ristic on in Case Studies

      Sous Vide Case Study: Dubai Convenience Meals Company

      When a high-volume food manufacturer sought to build a new state-of-the-art food production facility in Dubai to supply restaurants, retail outlets and airlines with high-quality convenience meals, they approached DC Norris for a solution.

      The manufacturer required a system that could consistently and precisely cook and cool large volumes of meats like chicken and goat. It was crucial that the system would prepare meat that was tender and flavoursome as reliably and as efficiently as possible.

      From their range of Sous Vide Cook-Chill systems, DCN recommended their Model CT20 (capable of cooking and chilling up to 800kgs of product) and Model CT10 (up to 400kgs), as well as a basket hoist system for overhead loading and unloading.

      Because of their superior efficiency and ease of precise control via an HMI touchscreen, the manufacturer chose DCN’s Sous Vide systems for their new facility, in addition to Steam Jacketed Cooking Kettles and Jet Cook technology from DCN for other food products.

      “Sous Vide cooking is the single greatest advancement in cooking technology in decades.”

      Heston Blumenthal, Three Michelin Star Chef

      Sous Vide Cook-Chill System

      Now available in Australia & New Zealand through FPE, DCN’s Industrial Sous Vide Cook-Chill System provides total control over the cooking process for perfectly prepared food that has an unbeatable even texture and intense flavour. A DCN Sous Vide system, which slowly cooks food ‘under vacuum’ and rapidly cools, offers an energy-efficient, consistent and totally reliable way of preparing food exactly the way you want it, every time.

      With the Sous Vide Cook-Chill system, you can:

      • Eliminate guesswork from your cooking
      • Improve taste & texture
      • Create consistent & repeatable cooked products
      • Extend shelf-life to up to 60 days
      • Maximise yields and minimise processing
      • Minimise or eliminate additives and preservatives
      • Cook to inventory, not to order

      “Products cooked using the Sous Vide method are fresh tasting and extremely tender without losing any of the original colour, flavour or texture.”

      David Norris, Managing Director, DC Norris

      Contact FPE today to find out more about DCN’s innovative sous vide cooking system.

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