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      HACCP Compliance

      Industry-leading HACCP Compliance Software

      HACCP is an internationally recognised system used to identify and manage hazards, and reduce the risks of food contamination across the whole production process. Advances in food safety technology can now bring HACCP compliance to manufacturing machinery.

      HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. The principles of HACCP compliance in Food Safety Management Programs are:

      • Hazard analysis
      • Identifying critical control points
      • Establishing critical limits
      • Monitoring
      • Taking corrective action
      • Keeping records
      • Verifying results

      As early as the 1960s, several companies came together to create HACCP in a bid to control biological, chemical and physical hazards in the food production process. In order to meet the standards, all stages of the production process from raw material production to distribution must operate within the safe limits of the HACCP Guidelines.

      Many of the world’s leading food businesses use the HACCP Food Safety Guidelines as a basis for their food safety and quality management programmes.

      Eagle’s state of the art product quality inspection systems for food industries can be further enhanced with their specially designed software solutions allowing you maximum uptime and HACCP compliance. This HACCP software is the best in food safety technology.

      These tools are designed to improve the functionality, reporting and quality assurance traceability of Eagle’s X-Ray food inspection systems. The HACCP compliance software includes:

      • SimulTask™ – image analysis software for enhanced contaminant detection and ease of use, available on every Eagle machine
      • TraceServer™ – data collection software to optimize production efficiency, available on every Eagle machine

      HACCP programs in conjunction with Eagle’s innovative technologies are a safe and reliable component of your food inspection management system. Make sure you’re on top of HACCP compliance with Eagle technology.