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      Food Safety Technology

      Leading Suppliers of Food Safety Technology

      Food safety is of the utmost importance to food manufacturers. That’s why we make it our mission to find the latest and greatest food safety technology from around the world, and bring it to you here in Australia. From food inspection machines to HACCP software, our range of food safety equipment will keep you and your customers safe.

      We play a critical role in supplying cutting-edge food processing technology to Australian and New Zealand food businesses. Our work helps to prevent food recalls and reduce the risk of foodborne illness here in the region. No international innovations in food safety can escape our notice; rest assured that with FPE, you’re getting the best food safety technology money can buy anywhere in the world.

      Eagle PI is our preferred manufacturer for foreign body detection and fat analysis equipment. Their sophisticated all-in-one machines take care of quality assurance, performing various in-line checks of food products at once. Using MDX technology, they’re the most advanced X-Ray systems available for the food industry.

      With HACCP being such an essential part of food processing, we now supply quality assurance software that seamlessly integrates with Eagle’s product inspection machines. This makes adhering to the HACCP guidelines and food safety testing as easy as possible. Find out more by following the link to our HACCP compliance page. Be sure to check out Eagle’s impressive range of food safety technology on our website too.

      We’re more than just a distributor of food analysis equipment. We provide our customers with around the clock support, including equipment training, maintenance, parts supply and a 24 hour helpline. We’re your food safety technology and processing equipment partner. Anything that’s your problem is our problem too, and that includes food safety inspection. That’s our promise.