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      Eagle X-Ray Dual Energy (MDX)

      Cutting-edge Eagle X-Ray Inspection

      Traditional single-energy X-Ray inspection technology has been used as a foreign body detection tool for more than two decades.

      However, these conventional X-Ray food inspection machines have proven to be unreliable when it comes to inspecting complex, variable density foods, such as pre-packaged bags of lettuce and inorganic food contaminants like glass, plastics, rubber etc.

      This is where Eagle X-Ray Dual Energy is different.

      Eagle Product Inspection has developed a highly evolved Material Discrimination X-Ray (MDX) system, which uses dual energy technology. Dual energy X-Ray methods add extra value to food X-Ray inspection as they enhance contrast, which is important in detecting contaminants like fish or chicken bones.

      Originally designed for use within the security sector, these Eagle Dual Energy systems are now revolutionising food product quality inspection.

      These world-class machines can discriminate materials by their chemical composition (atomic number). This state-of-the-art feature enables food manufacturers to detect historically undetectable inorganic food contaminants, such as:

      • Stones
      • Flat glass
      • Bone
      • Rubber
      • Some plastics

      FPE is proud to supply the best solutions for food quality assurance and meat inspection Australia has to offer. As such, we’re your go-to provider for Eagle X-Ray inspection systems. Equip your business with the best food X-Ray technology there is on the market – contact us today for more information about dual energy Eagle X-Ray systems.