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      Eurobin Tote Bin Scales

      Eurobin Weighscales – Tote Bin Scales

      Since we’re committed to delivering the most innovative and practical solutions to the food industry in Australia and New Zealand, we offer the widest range of mechanical handling equipment in the region. This includes Eurobin tote bin scales.

      We keep in mind the whole process and all the Eurobin equipment needed when it comes to food processing. We source top-of-the-line equipment from around the globe, which is why we are the go-to choice for tote bin scales in the food processing industry.

      SYSPAL’s Eurobin tote bin scales are designed to eliminate the need for floor pits and ramps. This provides the most hygienic and operator safe weighing solution for the food manufacturing environment. Each scale can withstand a different weight and is constructed from food grade stainless steel with a hygienic design for quick and easy equipment clean down.

      We also offer the SYSPAL range of Eurobin wash frames and storage bin racks, all of which work seamlessly together to provide a single bin solution.

      At FPE, we pride ourselves on the vast range of products that we are able to source. We supply the best in design and manufacturing for stainless steel and aluminium mechanical handling products. We are the exclusive distributor of these Eurobin tote bin scales within Australia and New Zealand and offer these products along with our market-leading project planning and service. So be sure to browse our Eurobin tippers and tilters products while you’re here.

      For all of your food production needs, browse our extensive collection of grade 304 stainless steel Euro bin equipment online today. The ability to offer a vast and in-depth catalogue of food processing equipment is why we are the top choice for food manufacturers in the industry. Not only that but we offer comprehensive customer support, parts supply, equipment training and maintenance. This is what sets us apart.

      Eurobin tote bin scales provide:

      • Manual handling
      • Safe effective cleaning
      • 360 degree access
      • Ergonomic design
      • Pneumatic operation achieves the highest level of safety in a wet room environment
      • Single operator use

      Please be aware: whilst FPE ensures the Syspal weigh scales are mechanically sound and are reading weight correctly, it is the customer’s responsibility to have the scales calibrated ready for use on site. Please note that the calibration instructions are included with the instruction manual and packed in with the machine.