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      Eurobin Tote Bin Racking

      Eurobin Storage Bin Racks & Tote Bin Racking

      We have a top quality line of Eurobin tote bin racking systems at FPE, having sourced the best of the best for the Australia and New Zealand food industries. Our Eurobin equipment comes straight from reputable manufacturer, SYSPAL.

      Their Euro bin racking provides an innovative warehouse storage solution to enable stock control, product rotation and batch identification. Additionally, this storage bin racking is extremely safe for staff to work around. With a modular design, you can choose the tote bin racking configuration that best suits your needs. Combined with a Eurobin Stacker, you’ll be able to lift and store your heavy-duty bins without any manual handling required from your staff.

      If you have multiple batches, use the Eurobin tote bin racking system in combination with the Eurobin disposable covers (available in 5 colours) to keep track of each one. The storage bin rack is compact and customisable, and this means you can easily fit it into your designated space. The bin rack is sturdy and has multiple safety features. This Eurobin racking is an excellent solution for both large and small food industry entities.

      As part of SYSPAL‘s single bin solution, your product can move from the Eurobin tumbler mixer to the Eurobin tote bin scales and onto the Eurobin wash frame in a smooth, fluid motion.

      We also supply their ergonomically designed Eurobin Tippers and Tilters to ensure production teams are always working at the optimal height. Use this mechanical handling system to save your staff hassle and to reduce their chances of injury.

      At FPE, we believe in helping our clients with their mechanical handling processes not only by offering the Eurobin tote bin racking system, but with comprehensive customer support too. We provide equipment maintenance, parts supply and training to all our customers, so you know, with FPE, we’re with you all the way. Contact us today to find out more

      Eurobin tote bin racking system provides:

      • Modular design
      • Flexible configurations
      • Additional bays
      • Up to 33% more storage capacity in the same footprint when using 200L Eurobins
      • Maximising available floor space
      • Alterations or relocations done with ease