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      Food Inspection equipment

      Specialists in Food Inspection Equipment

      As one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading suppliers of food manufacturing solutions, we offer a range of pioneering food inspection systems and meat inspection equipment.

      At FPE, we source the latest and greatest in product quality inspection technology and food analysis equipment; including quality assurance systems that adhere to stringent HACCP food safety requirements. This makes us the preferred food quality equipment choice of many Australian and New Zealand food businesses. Wherever you’re based, we have the ideal machines to conduct your regular food checks.

      Our line of food inspection equipment, manufactured by Eagle PI, is capable of simultaneously performing the following inline integrity checks on food products:

      • fat analysis (chemical lean testing)
      • contamination detection (foreign body detection)
      • mass measurement
      • protein analysis
      • moisture analysis

      Eagle X-Ray machines are world-class pieces of equipment that use cutting-edge scientific processes. These all-in-one X-Ray inspection systems are capable of detecting metal, stone, glass shards, plastic, rubber and bone, as well as performing the inline integrity checks listed above. With a variety of features that meet food safety practices, these machines will ensure public health and safety are a top priority.

      With a thorough understanding of what food processors want from their food safety testing equipment, we aim to supply only the best industrial and commercial food inspection machinery in the region. Eagle’s products are of the highest quality and we can supply them to you with expert knowledge and attentive service.

      Our ability to supply both state-of-the-art technology, like HACCP compliance software, and expert customer service makes us the natural choice for top food manufacturers. FPE is your perfect inspection and food quality analysis partner. Browse the range online now, or contact us with any questions.

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      What is food quality inspection?

      Food quality inspection involves examining food to ensure it meets certain standards. As a form of quality control, this involves identifying defects that exist in the finished product and taking corrective action.

      How is contamination in food detected?

      The most reliable way to detect foreign bodies, such as glass, mineral stone, calcified bone, and high-density rubber and plastic, is through an X-Ray food inspection machine like Eagle PI’s.