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      Barrel & Drum Tippers

      Industry-standard Barrel and Drum Tippers

      At FPE, we aim to have Australia’s largest and most technologically advanced range of mechanical handling equipment for food processors. This includes our line of specially designed barrel and drum tippers, which are manufactured by SYSPAL.

      These drum tippers are suitable for steel and plastic drums used widely by food processors. The high-quality handling solutions have a heavy-duty load capacity that allows you to track individual batches, store and rotate them seamlessly. The drum tipper can be used in conjunction with a drum lifter and drum trolley to ensure manual handling injuries are reduced. With up to a 125-degree tipping angle and 350kg capacity, these machines assist your team when moving product, tipping into different Euro bins, or preparing for packaging.

      Because this range of drum handling equipment is made out of stainless steel, maintaining optimal hygienic standards is easy and it’s also durable enough to use with a range of products.

      Choose between mains or battery-operated hydraulics with this barrel and drum tipper system, or enjoy the flexibility of both. The mobile design and dual operator controls ensure maximum productivity, while the user-friendly interface makes it a firm favourite with all operators. Bespoke transfer chutes are also available for specific applications.

      We’re a leading supplier of SYSPAL’s container and Eurobin equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are so much more than just a food and meat processing equipment supplier. We offer parts supply, maintenance, equipment training and support. We become the equipment solutions partner to our customers and this helps them to rise above their competition.