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      Mechanical Handling Equipment

      Mechanical Handling Equipment For Total Operator Safety

      At FPE, we’ve searched far and wide to bring our customers top quality mechanical handling products from around the world. SYSPAL is by far the best manufacturer of mechanical handling machinery, including Eurobin equipment and associated products.

      SYSPAL machines are ideal for food and meat processors who have a strong dedication to providing a safe working environment for their staff. For example, their Eurobin Tipper and lifting equipment allows staff to safely lift a range of Eurobins at various points in the food production process. Available in single or double column configurations, these tippers are ideal for moving products after they’ve gone through a Eurobin tumbler mixer. The Eurobin Tilters are designed to position Eurobins at a safe working height for manual unloading.

      This line of stainless steel manual handling equipment offers the latest in technology, providing safe working options for staff in material handling. The Eurobin wash frames are ideal for providing quick and easy access to Eurobins for washing and maintenance without any strain on your staff’s bodies.

      Our mechanised handling equipment range also includes the Eurobin tote bin scales, which eliminates the need for floor pits and ramps. Combined with the modular Eurobin storage bin rack system, you get precision control and seamless batch rotation capabilities.

      We understand the importance of mechanical handling systems and workplace safety. This is why we stock these durable, stainless steel mechanical handling tools. The health and safety of our customers is paramount to us, and these mechanical handling products can ensure ideal working conditions for your team.

      At FPE, we are proud suppliers of SYSPAL’s Euro bin handling products as well as their barrel and drum tippers. That’s why food businesses in Australia and New Zealand choose our business time and time again. We provide parts supply, equipment training and routine maintenance to all customers. Contact us today to find out more about FPE customer support.


      What is meant by mechanical handling?

      Mechanical handling, also known as material handling, refers to the equipment used to lift, move, carry or tip heavy and awkward items. This equipment is designed to improve workplace safety and increase worker productivity.

      What are the types of material handling?

      There are four main types of material handling equipment: 

      1. Storage equipment

      This includes things like shelves, racking units as well as bins, drums and drawers.

      2. Bulk handling equipment

      This includes machines such as conveyor belts, rotary turntables, stackers, elevators and more.

      3. Trucks and movers

      Trucks and movers include machinery like forklifts, hand trucks and order pickers.

      4. Engineered systems

      Engineered systems are often automated and made up of various components. SYSPAL’s “single bin solution”, designed for Euro bins, is a perfect example. A complete system could include a combination of weigh scales, racking and stackers, tumbler mixers, tippers and lifters and wash frames.

      What equipment is used for mechanical handling of materials?

      There are several types of mechanical handling equipment that can be used by food processors. These include: 

      • Weigh scales (to weigh the product)
      • Racking and stackers (to store the product)
      • Tumbler mixers (to marinate and/or coat the product)
      • Tipper and lifters (to lift and empty the bins)
      • Barrel and drum tippers (to tip barrel and drums)
      • Wash frame (to wash the bins)

      What are some of the benefits of mechanical handling?

      There are several advantages to using mechanical handling in your food processing plant, such as:

      • Increase worker efficiency and productivity
      • Decrease product damage/wastage 
      • Reduce worker accidents, injuries and strains 
      • Improve worker satisfaction 
      • Streamline workflow