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      Food Quality Assurance

      Innovative Food Quality Assurance Systems

      When it comes to food inspection, you want the safest, least invasive, most efficient and precise way to perform your food quality assurance duties and hazard analysis. Anything else simply isn’t good enough when it comes to quality and food safety.

      At FPE, we source the latest and greatest food safety and quality control technology, primarily from Eagle. Eagle’s range of X-Ray meat inspection equipment provides safety and quality assurance at every stage of the food production process.

      These highly sophisticated X-Ray inspection machines provide accurate, efficient foreign body detection across a variety of food manufacturing applications including bulk, packaged and unpackaged foods. As well as providing exceptional food quality assurance services, Eagle’s X-Ray food inspection systems are capable of so much more.

      Eagle’s machines are full-scale multi-tasking food quality assurance systems, capable of helping manufacturers improve their production efficiency by simultaneously performing the following quality control checks:

      • Fill level inspection
      • Mass measurement
      • Seal inspection
      • Component counts

      They also handle chemical lean testing for meat. When it comes to quality assurance you can’t go past Eagle PI’s inspection systems, and we supply them right here in Australia and New Zealand.

      Quality assurance in food processing & total peace of mind

      Don’t let faulty products slip through the net! Eagle X-Ray systems can help avoid food quality problems and protect your reputation. Choose Eagle to avoid product recalls by guaranteeing that all your products are carefully vetted before entering the supply chain and hitting the shelves.

      To ensure you have access to the best food safety systems, we bring together the expertise of top suppliers from around the world. This ability to supply both state-of-the-art food technology and an extensive range of consumable lines makes us the perfect food quality assurance partner for the Australian and New Zealand industries. Browse the range online now, or contact us with any questions.

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