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      Mechanical Handling Equipment Examples

      Mechanical Handling Equipment Examples

      Within the food processing industry, the health and safety of your employees is of the utmost importance. That’s why mechanical handling plays such a vital role. Which equipment your business needs will depend on a number of factors. So to guide you, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 mechanical handling equipment examples we’ve found and how they can be used. 


      What is a material handling system?

      A material handling system (or mechanical handling system) is designed to improve workplace safety and increase worker productivity. The equipment used allows heavy and awkward items to be lifted, moved, carried and tipped with minimal risk of injury to workers.

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      Mechanical aids enhance workplace safety

      Mechanical aids replace human labour with assistance from machines, reducing physical strain and lowering the risk of injury when lifting, moving and mixing. Equipment like Eurobins, conveyor belts, tippers, mixers and tumblers allow mechanical tasks to be completed safely and effectively. 

      What is the difference between manual and mechanical handling?

      Manual handling refers to the requirement for items to be moved, lifted, tipped or otherwise “handled” in a factory or warehouse environment. This handling poses a risk to workers as injuries can occur, especially if the items being handled are particularly heavy.

      Mechanical handling generally refers to machines, equipment and other mechanical aids used to facilitate this process, such as pallet trucks, conveyor belts and bucket elevators, which reduce the risk of injury to workers. 

      The health and safety of workers is a priority in modern processing plants, so this equipment is now commonplace. As a result, the terms ‘manual handling equipment’, ‘mechanical handling equipment’ and also ‘material handling equipment’ are now often used interchangeably.

      5 mechanical handling equipment examples for food processors

      1. Wash frames

      A part of SYSPAL’s single bin solution, their Eurobin wash frames reduce the risk of operator injury by allowing the washing process to be done without the manual handling of Eurobins. They can also reduce the risk of damage to the Eurobin and washroom floor. 

      Offering a 360 degree Eurobin wash, these frames ensure the interior, exterior, base and wheels of the bins are thoroughly cleaned without the need for manual lifting and rotation of the bins. Each frame features grade 304 stainless steel plus a hygienic design, which makes them incredibly easy to clean down.

      2. Weigh scales

      The next mechanical handling equipment example is the Eurobin equipment range of tote bin scales. These scales eliminate the need for floor pits and ramps, allowing workers to weigh bins safely and hygienically.

      Each scale can withstand a different weight and is made from food grade stainless steel.  

      3. Tippers & tilters

      Enabling safe and efficient product transfer, Eurobin tippers are designed with minimal manualing handling in mind. With a 350kg nominal capacity, these tippers and tilters can be used for high level lifting. SYSPAL also offers a wheelie bin tipper that ensures the safe disposal of waste in hygienic environments.

      4. Tumbler mixers

      With SYSPAL’s tumbler mixer, the machine mixes, blends, coats, tumbles, massages, marinates or infuses your product for you. It can also handle even the most delicate of ingredients because it has no z-blade or paddles. 

      5. Barrel and drum tippers

      The last mechanical handling equipment example we have for you is the barrel and drum tipper from SYSPAL. These tippers are ideal for both steel and plastic drums and have a heavy-duty load capacity. This means you can easily track, store and rotate individual batches. You can also choose between tippers that have mains or battery-operated hydraulics. 

      For ultimate worker safety, combine these tippers with a drum lifter and trolley. With up to a 125-degree tipping angle and 350kg capacity, this system helps your workers to move, tip and prepare products for packaging with no manual lifting whatsoever.

      A total mechanical handling solution

      All of the mechanical handling equipment examples we’ve mentioned are a part of the SYSPAL single bin solution. This means everything works together in harmony. 

      For example: you can weigh your product on the Eurobin scales, then use a tipper or tilter to transfer the product out of the machinery for portioning or packaging. Then you can use the wash frame to quickly and easily clean the containers before use.

      The FPE team is here to help

      At FPE, we are proud suppliers of SYSPAL mechanical and bulk material handling equipment in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today to find out more about mechanical handling solutions and comprehensive customer support, including parts supply and maintenance, from FPE.