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      Fish Processing Equipment

      FPE fish processing

      Australians and New Zealanders love their fish and seafood, and the fish and seafood industry is an important source of jobs for many. So at FPE, we do our part by sourcing the very best seafood and fish processing equipment from across the world and supplying it to the industry right here.

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      Cutting-edge fish processing equipment available from FPE

      Equipment for Thawing

      AMtek Microwave are the leaders in microwave tempering machines for food, meat and fish processing. Using sophisticated microwave technology, you get precision temperature control to temper product to the desired temperature in hours instead of days. Not only will these tempering systems maximise your yields, they’ll also improve product quality in every batch by reducing drip loss.

      Soft Separation & Mincing

      The SEPAmatic soft separating machine handles the efficient separation of soft and solid food parts without damaging the cell structure; it’s specifically designed for careful separation of flesh from bone, splinters, gristle, skin or sinew. The SEPAmatic machine produces a consistent product every time that is perfect for mince.

      Fish Cutters & Slicers

      Magurit meat cutting machines can handle fresh or frozen fish with ease, guaranteeing exceptional quality and consistency from batch to batch. It’s quick and easy to set different types of cuts, sizes and thicknesses so you can get neat and clean cuts every time.

      Fish Skinning & Trimming

      Grasselli machines are best in class for skinning cuts of meat, including fish. Featuring a cutting-edge design, they’re fully automatic, making them ideal for in-line solutions. We also supply the Whizard Trimmer from Bettcher Industries, which is ideal for portion trimming and salmon bloodline removal.

      Foreign Body Detection

      Eagle PI are industry leaders in food product inspection and quality control. Their X-Ray food inspection systems, featuring dual-energy MDX technology, are highly effective at discriminating between fish product and a range of foreign body contaminants.

      We’ve got all that, plus sanitising conveyors, HACCP software and a whole range of industrial hygiene equipment and mechanical handling equipment for the safety and compliance of your seafood and fish processing facility.

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      Whether it’s fish mincing, slicing, or some other equipment that you’re after, FPE has you covered. When you order with FPE, the food processing experts, you’ll receive comprehensive customer support, including spare parts supply, equipment training and maintenance.

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      What major equipment is used in the fish processing industry?

      • Pin de-boners
      • Automatic grading and batching equipment
      • Stainless steel conveyors
      • Equipment for defrosting and thawing
      • Washing equipment
      • Equipment for fish heat treatment
      • Equipment for injection and salting
      • Machines for filleting and cutting
      • Skinning and scaling machines
      • Portion cutters (slicers, dicers, band saws)
      • Fish storage solutions