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      Posted by Marie Ristic on in Food Processing Technology
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      How To Improve Bakery Production

      In large-scale bakery production, it is crucial to fulfil demand, uphold quality standards, streamline operations, use efficient food processing equipment, and optimise the production line. To thrive in the competitive baked goods industry, manufacturers must constantly seek ways to improve their processes. So, keep reading to learn how to improve bakery production to empower your industrial-scale bakery to enhance its production.


      How to improve bakery production – 5 ways

      1. Assess & optimise the production line 

      Meeting high demand while maintaining consistent quality can be challenging. To tackle this, it’s important to assess and optimise the production line. Examine the workflow and identify problems you’ve found from your production assessment. This will help you understand where to improve efficiency and aim to improve productivity in your industrial bakery.

      2. Provide training & development workshops 

      Efficiency in production is essential for improving the bottom line. Investing in training and development for employees, such as machine operators and line staff, gives them the knowledge and ownership to do their jobs better. Plus, standardised work processes and clear operating procedures ensure consistency and quality of the product.

      3. Implement quality management systems 

      Quality management systems with regular inspections and tests throughout the production line ensure compliance with the industry and company. This includes:

      • Testing equipment and techniques regularly
      • Inventory management of raw materials 
      • Automating quality assurance and food inspections
      • Conducting audits and reports
      • Detecting problems, defects or issues in the baking process

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      4. Invest in reliable processing equipment

      Embracing automation and technology, such as advanced bakery production machinery, can facilitate processing to a great extent. High-quality bakery processing equipment plays a vital role in ensuring consistent results and reducing production time. Using advanced equipment like industrial blenders, automatic tempering machines, and industrial can openers can greatly enhance the production line’s efficiency.

      5. Review ingredient processes & suppliers

      Improving bakery production involves getting the right ingredients and managing inventory effectively. It’s important to build good relationships with reliable suppliers to ensure a steady supply of high-quality ingredients. This means communicating well, getting timely deliveries, and quickly resolving any ingredient issues.

      Efficiently managing inventory with techniques like just-in-time and rotating stock helps to reduce waste, lower storage costs, and keep ingredients fresh. Bakeries can be more efficient and deliver tasty baked goods by sourcing fresher ingredients and managing inventory wisely.

      Streamline how to improve bakery production with FPE

      With continuous improvement and a commitment to quality, large-scale manufacturers can thrive in the demanding bakery production industry and FPE is here to meet all your equipment needs. We provide global, best-in-class industrial food processing equipment solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you have questions about how to improve bakery production or profitability, contact our friendly team at AUS 1800 882 549 or NZ 0800 100 003.

      How to improve bakery production: FAQ

      What is the best way to increase baking efficiency? 

      The best way to increase efficiency in the bakery market is by: 

      • Optimising the production line
      • Streamlining workflow
      • Investing in automation and technology to reduce waste

      What is quality control in the bakery industry? 

      Quality control in bakeries ensures that baked goods meet quality standards through implemented measures and processes. Running a bakery involves regular inspections, testing, and adherence to established procedures to maintain consistency and meet customer expectations.

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      What are the different types of production in the bakery industry?

      The different production methods used in the bakery industry include batch production, continuous production, and mass production. Batch production involves making smaller amounts at once. Continuous production involves making without stopping much. And, mass production involves making a lot to meet high demand.

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